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Its one of those times in life when u feel sad and dejected about something which u can never get back again..Yup, its that time when our college life ends and suddenly we seem to be far away from the place which has almost become our second home for the last four years. Life has become a lot different in these last two months when we wake up in the morning and realise that we’re not going to CEG,not scrambling to reach class in time.

Who can ever forget the great time we had together in CEG? Coming to college after completing a hectic school life, those years were simply amazing. New friends, new things to learn, new places, treats, movies, beaches, cultural events- all of these made college life an unforgettable experience.

How can we forget our canteen? The place where you could find all students when not in class, the ‘free’ lunch which we took turns to sponsor:)? How can we forget gurunath-Our ‘second’ canteen- the place which was very useful to us, from where we bought snacks to eat in class 😛 ? and the hostels, which were very famous for being a repository of all those things we students needed( GB’s and GB’s of cinemas :P)? Whenever you wanted something, the first place you would go is not the Internet, but the hostel. We can never stop thinking about all those cricket games,especially jegan diving to catch a ball coming at a comfortable chest-height 🙂 lol , and AOE (for those who dont know, it stands for Age Of Empires) which was a craze at one point of time, the nights after a Techofes concert or a rock show when we stayed in the hostels watching ‘flop’ movies(especially the Sam Anderson Classic).

What can I say about those IV’s?..Goa and Kerala,which were more famous for some ‘incidents’ that happened rather than other things. Bun’s IV ideologies , Kant’s story about “A rowdy in T Nagar”, Madhan Raj’s famous cursing of Nari – these were unforgettable! We had a hell of a good time there!!

Finally, the classrooms and the department. Students messaging and updating each other with cricket scores and other useless rumours, when the professor was monotonously scribbling something, the attendance rule which made students do complex calculations just to make sure they can write the exams :), the labs where we had a variety of software to learn and use, but only ended up learning how to copy from the network :), the days our results came when, while some people were calculating their ‘S’ grades, others were like “Machi!! naa pass ayitten!!”.

Well, its all over now and as the saying goes “All good things must come to an end”. We had our fun, four years of it. Coming to think of it, there were times when we felt “God! How many more semesters are there?”. But when it came to the final sem we were like “Oh no, there s only one more semester left”. College has been a wonderful place. Everyday,when I go to office, I cross college, and every single time, I think of making a right turn and going inside college for one more time.Well,one thing is for certain. Wherever we go,whatever we become in life, every time we travel on Sardar Patel Road, Guindy, that famed red building will bring back happy memories of what happened in those four years. Gandhiji, Rajaji may have memorials on the opposite side, but this sprawling campus is the only thing which we will not only remember, but cherish as a memorial of all our happy times. 🙂

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