Hi guys and gals..Back for my second post.Now on to something interesting.This post is about the Sports and Entertainment(SPENT) Quiz at Saarang ’09.Me,Sanjay and The Bun(Vinod) were feeling totally vetti.We wanted to attend atleast one event because we dint wanna waste our trip to IIT.The next event scheduled was the SPENT Quiz.We hurriedly went to the hall and grabbed a sheet of paper(like we were very active quizzers 🙂 ) and waited for the quiz to start.This is what happened.(Hope no IITian reads this 😉 ) I dont remember each question fully so i ll try to include whatever i can recall.

(Quiz begins.The quizmaster asks us to write our names,college and contact number)

Sanjay: Dei.This quiz is boring da.(Quiz not even started!!)
Me: Why da?
Sanjay: Ellarukkum ethavathu theriyum da.Nambalukku edhuvum theriyadhu.
Bun: Ok da.What do we do now?
Sanjay: Dunno.U decide.
Me: Come on da.Write down our names.
Bun: Do u really want to participate in this quiz?
Me: Not really,but i say we write something.
Bun: Ok.We ll write something 😉

(Bun scribbles something on the paper)

Bun: Ok da.I ve written a name and college.
Me: Let me see that.

(Team Member name: A.Kumble
College : R.V.C.E)

Me: Dei..enna da idhu?
Bun: Its true da.Anil Kumble studied in R.V.C.E only.(lol!!)
Sanjay: Dei bun.Ithaan un plan aa?
Bun : Correct da.We re going to write wrong answers for everything.
Sanjay : He s asked for a phone number also da.
Bun: Hmmm..who s number shd we write?

(At that moment i spotted a paper on the table.It was a question paper from a weekly IIT quiz.)

Me: Dei.There s a phone number on this paper da.We ll write that.
Sanjay: Who s phone number is that?
Bun: Who cares? 🙂 We ll write that.
Me: Done 🙂 Now lets tackle the questions.
(So much for our intro!)

(First Question:It was about a landmark in Australia and the qn was why it was named as such)

Sanjay: Answer theriyuma da?
Bun: yaaruku theriyum?unakku theriyuma?
Me: sathiyama enakku theriyadhu.skip this question.
Bun: Wait da.ethavathu answer ezhuthuvom.Paper Waste panna koodathu:)

(Again Bun writes something on the paper)

Sanjay: Wat ve u written?Show me.

(Answer: The Pope of Australia gave that name!!)

Me: Dei.Australia ku eadhu da pope?adhu oru country da!
Bun: vidra vidra..

(Next qn:A logo was shown.It was the old logo of some organization.qn was to identify tat org.)

Me: Dei.two elephants are there.It must be Hindu.
Bun: No da.Its not Hindu.Im sure.
Me: then wat is it?
Sanjay: Some football club?
Bun: Ya da.Its Chelsea.(writes chelsea on the paper)

(I happened to look into the paper of the team sitting before us)

Me: Dei.The team be4 us have written English Football Club da!
Bun: Apdiya??(scribbles something on the paper)
Sanjay: enna da panra?
Bun: I ve changed the answer da.
Me: What??enna answer?Show me the paper.

(Surprise Surprise!! Bun has striked out ‘Chelsea’ and written ‘English Football Club’ as the answer!!)

Me: Dei.Chelsea IS an English Football Club.
Bun: Apdiya?Sollave illa!(strikes out and writes chelsea again)

(So Much for General Knowledge 🙂 )

(Next there was a question about a movie actress.qn was to identify the actress from the given facts.As usual,we dint know the answer 🙂 )

Sanjay: Dei.write deepika padukone da.
Bun: Dai.They re asking for a hollywood actress da!
Sanjay: Apdiya?Appo neeye ezudhu.I know only hindi.
Bun: Ok.I ll write Keira Knightley.

(Bun writes Keira knightley.He also writes ‘my girlfriend’ beside it)

Me: Dei.idhu enna un personal diary aa?strike that out.
Bun: irukkatum da.From now on, no one will try for Keira Knightley.coz she s my girlfriend 😉
Me: #@$@#@#

(There was a question which asked to identify a famous person.It seems that person suffered from a disease which made him bald.)

Sanjay: What are v gonna write?
Me: Dont worry da.Bun will think of something.I think he knows the answer.
Bun: Ya ya.I know the answer.See?I ve already written it.
Sanjay: enga?show me.

(The Bun has written ‘P V Narasimha Rao’)

Sanjay: dei.qn la indian nu sollave illa da.
Bun: So what?avangalukku oru answer venum.avlo thaan.
Me: Dei.Narasimha Rao wasnt bald da!
Bun: vidra.nee en ivlo feel panra?avare feel panna mattaru!

(Next question was a picture question.It featured katrina kaif.Sanjay was excited.)

Sanjay: Dei Dei!! Write the answer da.Quick!!

(Bun writes the answer)

Sanjay: Dei.For keira knightley u wrote ‘my girlfriend’ la.Katrina Kaif va en girlfriend nu ezhudhu.
Bun: Avlo thane.She s your girlfriend then.Enjoy!
Sanjay: Dei.wht happened to our plan da?we re supposed to write wrong answers for everything.
Bun: unakku girlfriend venuma vendama?
Sanjay: Nooo..enakku venum!!!
Bun: Appo summa iru :).

(Bun writes ‘my friend’s girlfriend’ next to the name.Sanjay is overjoyed 🙂 )

Well guys..Thats all i can recall.We dunno wat happened to our paper.Maybe they put it up on the notice board to display our answers.Lucky v dint write our real names.We were thinking of being selected lol :).It was because we thought they ll select us just to see who those three geniuses were.Its a shame that dint happen 😉 .

Ok.thats all for now.I ll be back with more posts like this.So stay tuned to my blog.Bye for now.